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Turck's New Inductive Sensors in One-Piece Plastic Threaded Barrel Design

Turck is expanding its range of Uprox sensors with inductive sensors in a one-piece plastic threaded barrel design. Inductive sensors in a plastic threaded barrel design and an antivalent output have been added to Turck's uprox series of factor 1 sensors that offer the same large switching distance to all metals. The new sensors combine the benefits of a one-piece barrel design with those of a closed front and translucent end cap.

Tougher, Faster, Further: Turck's Extended Li Sensors Push Back the Limits of Linear Position Measurement

Turck has updated it's contactless Li Q25 positioning systems and has now added new extended variants to the program. The inductive measuring principle offers improved shock resistance and sampling rate compared to alternative measuring systems. With measuring lengths of up to 2 m, the Li sensors outperform magnetostrictive linear position sensors, which, due to their operating principle, sense at a slower rate as the measuring length increases.

Linear Position Sensors for Mobile Hydraulics

Turck has expanded its portfolio of linear position sensors for mobile hydraulics with the introduction of the LTE series. The LTE is a rugged, accurate, programmable zero and span, auto-tuning, non-contact linear position sensor in a compact embedded rod-style package. The embedded package style allows the units to be completely installed inside of a hydraulic cylinder, which protects the transducers from outside conditions.

Compact Ultrasonic Sensor with IO-Link Technology by Turck

To further diversify our ultrasonic sensor portfolio, Turck has released a compact ultrasonic sensor with IO-Link Technology. The cost-effective design of this sensor still offers the advantages of a standard ultrasonic sensor as well as communication and advanced functions via IO-Link.

Newly Released BEEP Technology Allows a Network of Devices to Communicate as a Single Device

Turck introduces BEEP, the Backplane Ethernet Extension Protocol. BEEP is a new technology that has been integrated into many of our multiprotocol digital block I/O modules.

IM12 Cabinet Condition Monitor for Non-Hazardous Areas

Turck announces the IM12-CCM (Cabinet Condition Monitor) cabinet guard, a device capable of monitoring moisture and temperature limits while also detecting incorrectly closed doors. As an added benefit, the device monitors unauthorized access to switch cabinets, providing protection against manipulation in compliance with IT security regulations.

PT2000 Pressure Transmitters for Hydraulic Systems

Turck has expanded its line of PT2000 pressure transmitters with the release of a variant for use in hydraulic systems. The new transmitters, which offer a welded stainless steel measuring cell for increased durability and increased chemical compatibility, have no elastomer seals and all wetted materials are 316L stainless steel.

New Deutsch Connector Offerings for Mobile Equipment

Turck is expanding its Deutsch offering with the LED 12VDC and 24VDC 2-Pin style Deutsch DT overmolded connectors. Designed for the mobile equipment industry, the connectors feature an integrated LED circuit on the wedgelock, allowing for multi-direction troubleshooting indication.

Hybrid Safety I/O Module for EtherNet/IP and CIP Safety

Turck is pleased to announce the addition of the CIP Safety Hybrid Safety Block I/O module to their industry leading lineup of fieldbus technology products. The hybrid safety concept from Turck combines both safety I/O and general purpose I/O in a single, rugged, on-machine, remote I/O device. The CIP Safety (TBIP) module expands the existing hybrid safety offering, which already includes an option for PROFIsafe over PROFINET.

New Encoders with Energy Harvesting Technology

Turck announces an expansion of its encoder offering with the release of Compact Magnetic Absolute Multiturn Encoders. Available in Analog, CANopen, and SSI output, these compact devices are ideal for OEM applications where space is limited, and where reliability and pricing are a factor. The cost-competitive nature of this product will also see it used in a wide range of general position applications.

D-Size Powerfast Explosionproof Feed-Thru Receptacles

Turck announces the release of D-Size Powerfast Explosionproof Feed-Thru Receptacles with IP67, 68, 69K, NEMA 1, 3, 4, 6P, and hazardous location approvals. The new receptacles can be used with our standard FM Class 1, Div 2 D-Size Powerfast cordsets, allowing for a quick disconnect solution versus hard wiring.

RJ45SPP Push-Pull Connector Now Available for Industrial Ethernet Applications

Turck's new push-pull RJ45 is now available for use with industrial Ethernet applications. Initially designed for PROFINET users, this connector can also be set up with other industrial Ethernet cables.

Part Number Examples:
RJ45SPP 423-*M

Teach Capacitive Sensors Now Available with IO-Link from Turck

Turck's teach capacitive sensors have been updated to work with IO-Link version 1.1. This feature allows for additional sensor functions and advanced parameterization via Pactware or an IO-Link master.

Turck Introduces PT1000 Pressure Transmitter

Turck is now offering the PT1000 Pressure Transmitter, complete with UL, CE and IP67 ratings. Designed for OEMs and end users in a wide variety of industries, these transmitters complement the recently released PT2000 pressure transmitters.
The PT1000 excels at pressure ranges from vacuum to 60 psig- including previously unavailable ranges such as 250mbar - and can also be scaled in absolute pressure ranges.

New CODESYS-programmable RFID Interface Module from Turck Simplifies RFID Integration

To streamline RFID integration and data processing in HF and UHF applications, Turck introduces its TBEN-L-RFID interface module with PLC capabilities via CODESYS. This compact module's controller function can filter and pre-process RFID data and link to broader control operations, enabling high-speed dynamic or multi-tag RFID applications.

Compact IP67 Controller with CODESYS 3 by Turck

Turck has released its TBEN-PLC CODESYS 3 compact IP67 PLC for controlling small or modular machines. Thanks to its robust housing and high degree of environmental protection, the TBEN-PLC can operate directly on-machine, enabling the implementation of machine control without the need for a control cabinet.

DSU35 Valve Position Sensors Available with ASi V3.0

Turck is excited to announce some new features for the DSU35 valve position sensors that are used extensively to provide open/closed feedback of pneumatic valve actuators. The sensors are now available with ASi V3.0, thus enabling extended AB addressing. This allows for up to 62 slave devices per master, significantly reducing costs. The sensors are certified and approved for use in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations.

Part Number:
NI 4-DSU35-2ASI2X4-B1140-FKE4.3
NI 4-DSU35-2ASI2X4-H1140

Turck Announces New M08 Proximity Sensor Lineup Featuring Extended Sensing Ranges

Turck announces its new range of 8 mm barrel inductive proximity sensors. The technology of the ferrite core sensors has evolved, increasing the sensing range by up to 50 percent. As a result, flush mounted solutions can now be offered with an extended sensing range of 3 mm as well as with the conventional sensing range of 2 mm.

Turck Introduces IO-Link Capable uprox3 Sensors

Turck is now offering its uprox3 sensor in an IO-Link-capable version. Turck's uprox3 sensor line offers the longest sensing distances of all factor 1 sensors on the market, and now coupled with IO-Link capabilities, allows for more flexibility and  intelligence to be integrated into sensing applications.

PT2000 Pressure Transmitters Developed for Demanding Applications

Turck introduces the PT2000 line of pressure transmitters, which offer a welded stainless steel measuring cell for increased durability and increased chemical compatibility. The PT2000 offers a solution that has no elastomer seals and all wetted materials are 316L stainless steel.

New EH03 Configurations Enhance Miniature Sensor Line

Turck is proud to announce the successful integration of EH03-AP6X/AN6X into our miniature sensor line. As a result, the legacy version (EH03-AP7X) will be discontinued. Existing configurations can be crossed onto the new platform. The EH03-AP7X will continue to be sold until stock is depleted.

The new EH03 devices are now:
  • Short-circuit protected
  • Shortened by 5 mm to a total length of 22 mm
  • Available in AP6X and AN6X configurations

Two New Extremelife-60 DeviceNet Cable Now Available by Turck

Turck has two new Extremelife-60 cables available for DeviceNet applications - cable types 5738 and 5728. By using Turck's specially engineered proprietary jacket material, these two DeviceNet cables offer customers unparalleled approvals. The 600V cables include approvals such as UL TC-ER Direct Burial, and CIC/TC Direct Burial.

Turck Debuts New Preassembled Meltric Connector Cable Assemblies to Improve Safety in Demanding Environments

To improve worker safety in industrial environments, Turck introduces its new preassembled Meltric connector offering with arc protection. The products offer a complete cable assembly solution, saving labor and installation time and ensuring reliability.

Turck Announces Smartphone UHF RFID Reader

Turck expands its RFID offering with an economical UHF handheld device. The PD-IDENT handheld provides customers with a lightweight, easy to use smartphone RFID reader system. The hand-held device houses a UHF antenna and connects to the user's smartphone via the audio port.

HMI with CODESYS 3 PLC and Visualization

Turck has announced a new HMI series: the TX500 HMI PLCs. With high-end touch displays and fast processors, these HMIs are ideal for use in small-to medium size machines whose processes have to be controlled, displayed and operated locally. Each TX500 is equipped with a Profinet master and EtherNet/IP scanner, as well as a Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU master. The HMIs can also be run as field devices for both Modbus protocols.

New M30 Ultrasonic Barrel Sensors with 6 Meter Sensing Range

An all-metal rugged housing makes these ideal for harsh applications, and the 6-meter sensing range enables detection over long distances. These sensors are available with a switch-point or switch-point/analog output. Both can be programmed via teach-by-wire or teach-by-button configurations.

Turck Introduces EtherNet/IP Encoders for High-Speed Applications

Turck announces the availability of EtherNet/IP enabled encoders, providing an optical based encoder solution with electronic multi-turn capabilities for position applications requiring feedback for customers using the EtherNet/IP and CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) interface. Common applications for the ODVA-certified encoder include automotive production, logistics, metal processing, textile applications, as well as printing and packaging machines.

New Minifast HD (Heavy Duty) Offering with Hazardous Location Approval

Turck has released an expansion to its Minifast offering to provide customers with a more robust solution. The new Minifast HD cordset offering also carries hazardous location approvals and is the first of its kind to offer an ATEX approved connector in a complete cable assembled package.

Open Faced Angle Sensors for Valve Position Monitoring in Harsh Environments

Turck announces two extensions of their inductive angle sensors for rotary actuators. Both new product offerings provide customers with a rotary valve sensing solution ideally suited for harsh environments; one includes a stainless steel Minifast connector and the other, using a terminal chamber, provides customers with ATEX and IECEx approvals.

New PROFINET/PROFIsafe Hybrid Module Combines Standard and Safety I/Os in One Device to Reduce System Costs

Turck introduces the TBPN safety block I/O module, which is the first block I/O module to combine both standard and safety inputs/outputs in a single device. The IP67 hybrid modules can be adapted to the specific signal requirements in the machine, and in doing so, help users to save valuable space and greatly reduce overall system costs of their machines.

Turck Ethernet Spanner Provides Robust Protocol Converter

Turck introduces the TBEN-L Ethernet spanner, which provides customers with a robust protocol converter, a much needed solution for applications dealing with multiple protocols on the same network.
The TBEN-L Ethernet spanner capitalizes on Turck's multiprotocol technology and serves as an easy way to link multiple Ethernet networks together - even networks that speak different protocols- and its master to master data exchange allows PLC's to exchange data easily.

Turck's New ARGEE Technology Turns I/O Devices into Field Logic Controllers (FLCs) for Flexible, Cost-effective Control

Engineers, OEMs and integrators have struggled for years with how to balance the cost of PLCs with their I/O needs, and Turck's new ARGEE technology solves this challenge. ARGEE empowers manufacturers to add logic to compatible I/O devices without a PLC, driving down the cost per I/O point and increasing flexibility in control.

Turck Releases Overmolded J1939 Deutsch Connectivity Solution

Turck has released an overmolded connectivity solution for J1939 Deutsch applications. The fully assembled solution increases longevity and durability while reducing installation time. The newly designed offering provides an ideal solution for mobile equipment and oil and gas applications, where environmental factors such as shock, vibration, cold temperatures, moisture, and oils can affect performance.

Turck Expands Capacitive Sensor Line with Teachable Options

Turck is expanding its portfolio of capacitive sensors, now offering 18 mm and 30 mm capacitive barrel sensors with teachable capabilities. The new offering comes in two variants- teach by wire or teach by button.
Product Specifications:
  • 18 mm version offers 5 mm sensing range when flush mounted; 7.5 mm sensing range when non-flush mounted
  • 30 mm version offers 10 mm sensing range when flush mounted; 15 mm sensing range when non-flush mounted
  • Can be switched between NC or NO
  • Optical programming feedback via LEDs
  • Each variant is available in PNP or NPN

Turck Releases minifast® Control Power Wiring Solution

Turck has developed a new connectivity solution that is compatible with the control power connection system utilized with Rockwell ArmorStart distributed motor starters. Turck's Minifast control power offering gives an alternative solution for customers to have drop in replacements that tap directly into the existing E-stop control wiring circuits.

Turck Offers High-Pressure Resistant Sensors in M12 Barrel

To keep up with advanced manufacturing technologies and the continuously shrinking sizes of applications, Turck is introducing high-pressure inductive sensors in an M12 housing. Previously available in an M18 housing, the introduction of the M12 high-pressure sensor series allows Turck to meet customers' evolving needs. The new offering is available in two lengths, 78 mm and 56 mm.

Turck Releases Compact RFID Read/Write Head for Restricted Mounting

Turck is now offering the TB-Q08, currently the smallest ISO15693 compliant RFID read/write head on the market with protection to IP67. In spite of its compact dimensions of 32 x 20 x 8 mm, the housing manages to integrate the antenna, electronics and two LEDs visible from all directions. The LEDs indicate a functioning power supply as well as active read/write operations to the user.

Wireless Solutions Kits and All-in-One Tank Level Sensor for Monitoring Tanks and Totes

Simplify the monitoring of remote and mobile tanks, totes, and containers using Banner's Wireless Solutions Kit for tank monitoring and the Q45UA all-in-one tank level sensor (sold separately). The wireless solutions kit makes it easy to setup a wireless network, establish warning and alarm thresholds, and collect data from up to 16 assets. The Q45UA tank level sensor combines an ultrasonic sensor and wireless node in one compact, easy-to-deploy package.

SureCross® Wireless Q45 Sensor Node- Vibration/Temperature

The SureCross® Vibration and Temperature Sensor works on a variety of machines to provide vibration and temperature measurements to effectively monitor and predict when maintenance of critical equipment is required.

New! TL70 Wireless Modular Tower Light

A combination of the best of Banner's two popular products- the tower light family coupled with the reliable and field proven Sure Cross® wireless technology.
  • Ideal for monitoring and providing vivid visual status indication in costly or unreachable locations.
  • Enables two-way wireless communication for a wide variety of applications
  • 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz model available
  • Order modular or pre-assembled version
  • Works with up to six segments, colors and/or audible

Banner Engineering Motion Detectors Provide Automated Light Switching

Banner Engineering introduces the WLS28-2MQ motion detector switch for automated lighting. Banners' motion detector switches provide an efficient solution to automatically turn on or off the light in applications where a physical switch cannot be used or the placement of the switch is not useful.

New! Q3X LD50 with Background Suppression

Banner Engineering announces its industry-recognized Q3X laser contrast sensor is now available with fixed background suppression. The Q3X LD50 reliably detects targets within the desired sensing range while ignoring objects in the background, solving applications that may not be possible with standard diffuse-mode sensors.

WLB92 Industrial LED Light Bar by Banner Engineering

Banner Engineering introduces the WLB92 industrial LED Light Bar. Featuring bright, high-quality and uniform light, the WLB92 is designed to increase worker productivity and ergonomics. With a rugged metal housing and shatterproof light cover, the WLB92 is optimal for a variety of industrial lighting applications including robotic work cell lighting and quality inspection, while having aesthetics suitable for an office environment.

Banner Engineering Safety Limit Switches Provide Superior Interlocking and Position Monitoring for Industrial Applications

Banner Introduces its SI Series Safety Limit Switches, designed to effectively monitor the position of a wide variety of guards, gates, covers and other movable machine fixtures and tooling. The SI Series is available in three different models- SI-LM40 Series, SI-LS31 Series, SI-LS83 Series- offering various actuating systems, contact arrangements, housing and mounting configurations to satisfy diverse industrial applications.

New! LE Series Dual Discrete Laser Sensors

From shiny metal to black rubber surfaces- solve difficult detection and positioning applications with the LE250 and LE550. The LE250 and LE550 Dual Discrete models provide two independently- configurable discrete outputs that can be setup as single switch points or sensing windows for simple part detection and feedback on position.

SureCross® GPS Module

Banner introduces a new GPS (Global Positioning System) monitoring solution specifically designed for industrial users. The entire device is built into a fully sealed, IP69K rated polycarbonate housing, eliminating the need for a separate remote antenna and control unit. This ultra-rugged, compact form factor can be mounted permanently or temporarily with the optional magnetic mount.

Banner introduces the new EZ-LIGHT® K50 Serial Multicolor Indicators & Pick-to-Light Sensors

The new K50 Serial Indicators and Pick-to-Light products provide the user improved ways to program and install a system. It uses industry standard Modbus RTU protocol for communication and set-up of a single device or multi-point applications.

K50 Serial Multicolor Indicators

K50 Serial Pick-to-Light Sensors

New~ Q4X Versatile, Rugged Laser Distance Sensor

The Q4X is a problem-solving laser distance sensor that can reliably detect distance changes as small as 1 mm. The Q4X expands the types of applications Banner can solve, by offering a rugged, stainless steel, versatile sensor that can solve a variety of challenging applications and adding distance-based detection to the product portfolio.

New! EX-Light® K90 Series

The K90 indicators are rugged, 90mm indicator lights that provide extremely bright and uniform illumination from all directions and longer distances. Two models are available to suit our application needs:
  • K90L: One-to five-color models have a separate input wire to enable flashing of the active color
  • K90TL: Two-to five-color models alternate between selected input colors to indicate multiple statuses.

XS26-2 Expandable Safety Controller

The XS26-2 was designed to be easy to use, flexible and efficient:
  • Configuration software is so simple you'll be programming in minutes
  • Add up to eight expansion I/O modules as automation requirements grow or change
  • Six expansion models are available to suit many applications with a variety of safety inputs, solid-state safety outputs and safety relay outputs

Red Lion Announces New Signal Conditioners

Introducing Red Lion's new line of signal conditioners enabling signal strength boost while allowing for longer cable runs through industrial environments. When used as a converter, these devices can translate and incorporate signals into existing PLC architectures, eliminating the need for high-priced PLC input cards just to accommodate a unique signal from a newly-added sensor.

Red Lion Announces New 12.1" Outdoor Graphite HMI

The new 12.1" Outdoor Graphite offers a UV-protected brilliant display with widescreen format 1280x800 resolution, making it easily viewable even in direct sunlight. Ideal for harsh environments, the Graphite HMI series provides a scalable all-in one platform to help integrate complex multi-vendor environments.

Red Lion adds DA10D and DA30D Protocol Conversion and Data Acquisition Devices

Red Lion's DA10D and DA30D protocol conversion and data acquisition devices are designed to act as a key part of any plant's industrial data collection, visualization and management system, allowing for operational decisions that have meaningful business impact.

The Data Stations offer all the protocol conversion and alarming capabilities that the original Data Station Plus (DSP) offered, but with significant, updated features, including cloud connectivity, the ability to act as an OPC UA server, and are configured using Red Lion's powerful, easy-to-use software, Crimson® 3.1.

Red Lion Expands CR3000 HMI Platform

Red Lion Controls has expanded its CR3000 HMI capabilities with five new communication modules, offering support for some of today's most popular industrial protocols. Designed for use with the CR3000 HMI platform, the plug-in modules provide the connectivity customers need to add powerful monitoring and control functionality to their automation systems.

New RAM Router Features IP67 Rating for Extreme Environments

Red Lion Controls introduces the new RAM-6021M12 industrial router, purpose-built to withstand extreme conditions from the factory floor to transportation and hazardous locations. The RAM-6021M12 offers an IP67 dustproof and water-resistant enclosure, -40 to 80°C operating temperature, 50G vibration/200G shock tolerances, and is tested to hazardous locations, marine and rail standards.

Red Lion Controls Expands PID Controller Portfolio

Red Lion announced additional features for its PXU series of proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers, including Ramp/Soak, CT Input, 2nd Analog Input and 2nd Analog Output. The PXU series is designed to enable tighter, more reliable control over a wide range of processes, including temperature, flow and pressure, from a single model.

Red Lion launches New Generation of HMIs for Factory Automation

Red Lion Controls announced the CR1000 and CR3000, its newest generation of Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). Both products employ new Crimson® 3.1 software to provide more engaging interfaces with advanced design capabilities in addition to protocol conversion, data logging, and web server for remote monitoring and control.

Introducing New Managed IP67 Gigabit Ethernet Switches by Red Lion

Red Lion announced today their highly anticipated IP67-rated managed Gigabit Ethernet Switches, the NT24K-16M12 product line. The new Power over Ethernet (PoE) and non-POE models are designed for applications requiring high reliability, ease of use, and a solution that can quickly scale as needs change. Features like M12 cable connections ensure continuity in applications where motion or vibration exists, and the switches are ruggedized to operate in harsh conditions.

Red Lion announces New Graphite Edge Controller

Red Lion's rugged Graphite® platform has expanded to include the compact Graphite Edge Controller. The Graphite Edge Controller is a highly scalable and rugged all-in-one industrial solution that reduces cost and complexity by combining IEC 61131 control capabilities with networking and data visualization.

Red Lion Adds New Ramp Soak and FlexCard Options to Advanced PAX2C PID Controllers

Red Lion announces its advanced PAX®2C PID controllers have been enhanced to feature new Ramp Soak capabilities and FlexCard™ plug-in options that enable users to reduce costs by easily changing or adding functionality to meet industrial requirements without inventory stocking.

Red Lion Adds DNP3 Support to Rugged Graphite HMI Platform

Red Lion announced that it has enhanced its rugged Graphite® platform communication capabilities with the addition of DNP3 network support. Working with Graphite Human Machine Interface (HMI) operator panels and Core Controllers, this communication protocol enables powerful monitoring and control to process automation equipment that requires DNP3 support.

Red Lion Unveils Additional Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) Gigabit Products to Address Industry Demands

Red Lion announced three new additions to its N-Tron® series of industrial Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) Gigabit products: NT24k-16TX-POE, 1008TX-POE+, and 1000-POE4+. These new POE+ switches and injectors complement Red Lion's industrial networking portfolio to offer customers additional PoE options that drive operational efficiencies while addressing industry demands.

Red Lion adds Innovative Control and Expansion Options to Rugged Graphite Platform

Red Lion announced that their rugged Graphite® platform has been expanded to include a new Graphite Core Controller and Graphite Crimson® Control Module that combine communication and control capabilities to reduce cost and ease operations. Both hardware offerings leverage an enhanced version of Red Lion's powerful Crimson 3.0 software with added Crimson Control functionality to provide a single programming solution for control, networking and data visualization.

Red Lion Expands PXU PID Controller Portfolio

Red Lion continues to expand their PXU PID controller platform to now include the addition of 0-10 VDC output models.This new functionality builds on their existing 4-20mA output models to provide customers a choice between voltage and current retransmitted outputs. Both retransmitted outputs are available across 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN PIX models.

RAM® 9000 Receives ATEX Approval

Red Lion announces that their Sixnet® series RAM® 9000 industrial cellular RTUs have received ATEX zone 2, category 3 approval and are safe for use in potentially hazardous environments. Ideal for deployment in industrial M2M networks such as oil and gas, water/wastewater, utility and transportation applications, RAM 9000 cellular RTUs provide a seamless network extension to remote locations.

High-Density E3 I/O™ Modules

Red Lion released their new rugged E3 I/O™  module platform, a set of 17 high-density I/O modules with hardened metal enclosures and powerful communications. This versatile platform marks Red Lion's first rugged I/O modules configurable using Crimson® 3.0 software.

Graphite® HMIs & NT24k™ Switches Receive ABS and Rail Approvals

Red Lion announces that their rugged Graphite® Human Machine Interface (HMI) operator panels have been tested to meet ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) standards. ABS approval assures equipment is safe for operation in a manner that protects life, property and the marine environment when used in shipboard and offshore settings. In addition, Red Lion's compact NT24k™ Ethernet switches have recently received ABS approvals as well as EN 50155, EN 50121 and EN 61373 certifications to ensure safe operation on railway rolling stock.




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